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May 18

Is this the role for you?

  • Do you have a voracious appetite for learning and driving real results across sales, partnerships – working closely with the founding team and ceo?
  • Are you looking for a role that provides outsized autonomy and responsibility – and be absolutely critical to success?
  • Do you want to work in an environment with A+ people only?
  • Do you have the confidence that you'll succeed in the role, given the incredibly high-expectations?

About Mash

The internet is broken. Ads don't monetize well, and reward selling other products and services rather than one’s own experiences. Subscriptions and large up-front purchases are a huge commitment barrier and don’t work for most experiences.

Things have changed. With Bitcoin and Lightning Network – sound, scalable, trust-minimized, programmable money that can be sent around the world instantly – we can enable new, fun and interactive experiences that reward everyone. Mash is building these products to enable a new era online – one with an abundance of quality, trusted, accessible and fun experiences.

Mash has 4+ years of runway. We raised US$6M from top VCs and angels. The round was co-led by Whitecap Venture Partners and Castle Island Ventures, with participation from Maple VC, Strategic Cyber Ventures, Aquanow, Spacecadet Ventures, and several angel investors including Amjad Masad, Balaji Srinivasan, Austin Hill, John Pfeffer, and Dean Skurka.

We’re a team of builders, each with experience at start-ups, scale-ups and big tech – including Google, Amazon, Lazer, and Fitbit. We also don't use any seniority titles, and plan not to for as long as feasibly possible. Learn more why here.

Role & responsibilities

We are looking for someone help drive the development and execution of our sales and partnerships efforts – focused on large organizations and technology platforms. You will be reporting directly to Mash's CEO to help accelerate the business, including influencing the product roadmap. You will have significant responsibility – some of which will include:

  • Identifying prospects, building a sales pipeline, and managing deals through negotiation
  • Ensure the successful on-boarding, integration and satisfaction of our partners
  • Become an expert in bitcoin, lightning network, Mash's current & future product suite – and the corresponding growth opportunities that come it
  • Be an expert in customers needs and our capabilities to over-deliver on our promises to them
  • Creatively think about our target customers and how to best build relationships with executives across a variety of verticals
  • Create compelling content and thought leadership material
  • Strategically allocate your time and budget on high impact efforts
  • Synthesize learnings from working with customers to advise our product roadmap, marketing & brand, and other related efforts

Experience & expectations

  • Experience in a demanding, high-paced environment with multi-disciplinary responsibilities
  • Demonstrated success selling net-new products at a startup or high growth technology company
  • Proven ability experimenting with various go-to-market strategies, and winning deals
  • Experience selling directly to business managers and product leaders; you will have technical support, but are expected to gain a strong understanding of our products current and future capabilities
  • Respond well to open-ended problems and thrive on autonomy – you're a self starter and problem solver
  • Enjoy working in a team environment – focused on team goals
  • Great communication skills
  • Bonus: Proven track-record at a start-up or scale-up in a similar role

How we work

We treat your time as the scarce asset that it is. We respect people being heads down and having the time to get into a flow. Distractions and context switching are things we work to minimize. We have meetings for specific purposes – and leverage async channels as much as appropriate. This allows us to maintain a high-velocity with the right level of collaboration.

Mash has an open and direct culture. We believe that not making a decision is a decision – and a terrible one. We have strong conviction and take action. We use data to make decisions. We believe that observing clients use our products and hearing directly from them is priceless. We can agree to disagree and move forward after reviewing the details. As we learn, we will re-evaluate, iterate and push forward. We are dedicated to the mission.

Mash is a remote-first company. We are doing this deliberately to assemble the best team possible and enable you to work where it fits best into your life. For those that prefer an in-person based environment, we will consider having mini-offices in cities that we have a meaningful presence in.

How to apply

Please reach out to us at – and include a bit about yourself, your resume, and three bullet points about why you are specifically interested in Mash's mission.


Want to get a leg up and accelerate the process? Share some of your thoughts on the following.

(1) Experiment with early Mash experiences. Provide product feedback and creative ideas to expand our offering.

(2) What are the first 3 things that you would do on-board a vertical of your choosing to Mash? Why is that vertical a good fit?

(3) If you could choose one reasonably sized product feature for Mash to build that you think would drive adoption for that vertical – what would it be and why?

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