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May 17

About Mash

The internet is broken. Ads don't monetize well, and reward selling other products and services rather than one’s own experiences. Subscriptions and large up-front purchases are a huge commitment barrier and don’t work for most experiences. 

We're building the online payments platform to remonetize the internet to enable a new era online – one with an abundance of quality, trusted and accessible experiences. We’re doing this by enabling builders, creators and developers to implement completely new monetization models, and earn significantly more. We also enable users to easily auto-pay for content, or tip with just a click.

Mash is built on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Sound, scalable, trust-minimized, and programmable money. It can be sent around the world instantly, at no/low costs. It's the most transformative payment technology ever conceived, and realized.

Our first products enable builders, creators and app developers to integrate “pay-as-you-enjoy” pricing directly into their digital experiences with just a snippet of code. It also includes an interoperable built-in Wallet to make the experience as simple as possible for users – no downloads required, and users don’t need to be a Bitcoin native. See the latest on our blog.

Mash has ~5 years of runway and building for the long-term. We also don't use any seniority titles, and plan not to for as long as feasibly possible. Learn more why here.

Examples of problems we’re tackling

  • Building a scalable payments platform for the web with Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.
  • Enabling diverse monetized experiences across the web for content such as mini-apps, games, tools, articles, video streaming, audio, and more.
  • Creating a digital wallet with Bitcoin and Lightning that is persistent and can be embedded across the web – e.g., websites, mobile apps, etc.

Our Stack

TypeScript, React, Go, PostgreSQL, Terraform, Containers, and LND.

Role & responsibilities

  • Build, ship, and maintain features and infrastructure.
  • Participate in system architecture and technical design.
  • Work closely with a cross-functional team (product, design, engineering).
  • Understand and learn user needs.
  • Identify opportunities for innovation.
  • Develop a deep technical understanding of Bitcoin and Lightning, and collaborate with the community to further advance Bitcoin/Lightning tech.

Desired skill set

  • 4+ years of experience in at-scale software development.
  • A track record of building amazing user experiences.
  • Skilled in 1 or more system programming language, such as Go, Java, C++, C#
  • Skilled in web development (JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and frameworks such as React, Vue, etc.)
  • Experience with relational databases (such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.).
  • Experience with cloud providers (such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.).
  • Bonus: Mobile development experience (with tools such as React Native), past work with distributed systems, knowledge/interest in Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.
  • Note: You don’t have to be convinced on the merits of Bitcoin yet, but we know you will be once you dig in!

Cultural fit

  • Respond well to open-ended problems and thrive on autonomy – self-starter and problem solver.
  • Thrive in a team environment – focused on team goals.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Have a passion for lifelong learning.

About the team

We’re a dynamic team with experience at start-ups, scale-ups and big tech – including Google, Amazon, Lazer, D2L, Typeform and Fitbit. We’re well-funded, backed by top VC’s and angel investors. Mash is a remote first company. Much of the team is currently based in the eastern time zone, and we accommodate each other to work wherever we are in the world.

How we work

We treat your time as the scarce asset that it is. We respect going heads down to get into a flow. Distractions and context switching are things we work to minimize. We have meetings for specific purposes, and we leverage asynchronous channels as much as possible. This allows us to maintain a high-velocity with appropriate collaboration.

Mash has an open and direct culture. We use data to make informed decisions. We believe that not making a decision is a decision – and a terrible one. We have strong conviction and take action. We can agree to disagree and move forward after open discussion. As we learn, we re-evaluate, iterate and push forward. 

Mash is a remote-first company. We are doing this deliberately to assemble the best team possible and enable you to work where it fits best into your life. For those that prefer an in-person based environment, we will consider having mini-offices in cities that we have a meaningful presence in.


We provide a options and choices for different mixes of equity and salary, with transparency on relative tradeoffs.

How to apply

Please reach out to us at and include a bit about yourself, your resume/CV, examples of past projects, and three bullet points about why you’re interested in joining Mash.

Learn more about Mash

As a bonus, try adding Mash monetization with our pre-built widgets, or NPM package and share it with your application along with any feedback that you think is relevant and what what user/persona.

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