Partnership for a new 2MW immersion site (deployment of miners + management)


Abilene, TX, USA

Full Time

Business Operations / Mining

Pays in Bitcoin


May 12

You will be solely responsible for operating 2MW immersion site. Deploy miners, basic repairs (changing PSUs), site set up, management of repairs, troubleshooting, oversight...

Base compensation in $ + Profit sharing in bitcoin.

Skills we are looking for:

You know how to use tools, from basic to power tools. You own garage or visit regularly some kind of shop or hackerspace where you can work on your stuff. When something break in your house you are not calling some company but you will be trying to fix it by yourself first. You repaired you car few times, you always change your tires or bulbs by yourself. You are the handyman.

You are good with your computer and your home network. You know how to debug, deploy and fix what you need. You know how to research and test solutions. Your whole family is always calling you when they need something on their pc, because you can always find out the solution quickly.

You have some experience with computer hardware. You are running Linux on your older laptop or you tinker with Raspberry Pi. It is not problem for you to prepare SD card or flash drive to install anything and anywhere. Download the right firmware and upgrade it is easy peasy for you. You are able to read logs and research the info from it to fix your bugs. You are not afraid to mess around and think outside of the box.

You love new projects and you are not afraid to figure out how to make them happen.

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