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Jun 30

We are <either> making one senior full stack hire, or two junior hires (one front end and one backend) who will help steer our engineering team for years to come and will hopefully grow to become a valued leader and equity holder in our organization. If you work like the rest of us, you will grow with the organization and will be rewarded for doing so... if you're a slacker who doesn't hold your weight, we will drop you fast.

Who we are:

We are The Bitcoin Company and we're building a Bitcoin neobank / superapp that lets our users transition away from the legacy financial system to a company that replicates all the same features as a bank but also builds Bitcoin into the core as a native currency, not an investment. We are going to give people a reasonable way to drop their legacy banking and financial applications for a one stop bitcoin-focused financial solution. We are doing it all, building a one stop shop for Bitcoin, and you need to be prepared for what that entails.

Right now we have a bitcoin rewards app that allows you to buy open and closed loop gift cards (in the US and internationally), earn card linked offers, do phone top ups, send remittances, and earn bitcoin rewards on everything. You should ideally be familiar with the financial space, bitcoin, and technical software products.

What we're looking for:

We are potentially looking for a full stack engineer, but will likely hire for separate front end (React Native) and backend (Scala) candidates. You will come in and work alongside our other front end engineer @deregs and have a ton of responsibility, but what you build will be deployed and you will get to see what you build make it out into the world.

Right now you will have to come in and juggle 100 things. We have a super talented backend engineer in Ben Carman, and a mega talented frontend engineer in Deregs... you would come in and sit alongside these meganerds, primarily next to Deregs. It's a tall task, but we think you can do it.

In a year, you will have to come in and juggle 500 things. With great talent comes great responsibility. We don't want a 500 person team. We want a team of 10-20 killers.

You should be a jack of all trades and take extreme pride in what you put out into the world.

You should be personally offended when you see a bug in the app or a customer who is not satisfied and having issues with what you've built... because it was your fault. You should be thinking of future features and jumping into the codebase to support the team anywhere you can. Sometimes we will need you on the front end, other times on the backend, and you'll need to be able to switch fast.

Ideally, you should be able to dumb down technical topics for our product team. You should be able to understand intricacies of Bitcoin, Lightning, legacy financial protocols, etc. You ideally have a design eye and are able to make on the spot decisions which don't negatively affect UX. You should be able to work without fully fleshed out specs. You should have experience leading teams of top end developers, prioritizing their time, and holding them accountable to company timelines and goals. You should have products that you have built in the past and teams you have led which you can point to. Bonus if you've done this in Bitcoin.

You should be comfortable fixing bugs, creating new features, working without designs, building POCs, creating tests, and jumping in at 3am when shit is broken. You should be comfortable talking to [random user X]. You should be willing to plunge the toilet.

You must be humble enough to defer credit to your team when things go well and have enough courage and accountability to accept the blame when things go wrong... whether it was your fault or not.

You should have a clearly defined personal vision of what you want to see in the world, and truly believe that you along with a good intentioned, motivated, and well-led team can execute that vision.

You are a coder. You will build the right tools in the right way. You wear headphones and when you're plugged in, nothing will stop you. You will not be stopped.

None of these are requirements but the more you fulfill the better you are as a candidate:


  • - Experience building mobile applications with React Native, Redux, and Typescript
  • - Experience building web applications with NextJS
  • - Experience building browser extensions
  • - Experience with popular React and React Native testing frameworks like Jest and Detox
  • - Familiarity with atomic design
  • - Ability to build systems of reusable components
  • - Experience with bitcoin & lightning payments
  • - Experience with fiat payments


  • - Be Cool
  • - Work Hard
  • - Understand that this is the most important field you can be working in to affect change in the world... and enjoy that.

As the Technical lead you will...

  • Lead the technical team of other talented developers, put out fires which need putting out, do what needs to be done, switch regularly from backend to frontend, regularly perform code review and mentor interns and learn from other more senior developers.
  • Regularly contribute to open source tech, build for the good of bitcoin and the values it instills.

Must be able to:

  • Get hands on
  • Do all the things when things can't be delegated... everything
  • Be the middle man between users, product, and front end teams.
  • Work without fully scoped specs. Identify user issues before they happen... have some user empathy!
  • Be comfortable building boring fiat shit sometimes, instead of cutting edge bitcoin tech.
  • Own the end to end lifecycle of all projects, from discovery to delivery to automated testing.
  • be the glue that holds our team together and motivates us to work harder than we already are
  • wake up a 3am for a customer support ticket
  • recruit other technical talent to work alongside, above, or beneath you
  • articulate to a mom why bitcoin matters, convince a financial advisor who is skeptical of bitcoin to invest, or explain to a CEO why an absence of bitcoin on their balance sheet is a critical threat to their business
  • Google
  • Stack Overflow
  • Google
  • Stack Overflow
  • Stack Overflow
  • Define KPIs, build out ways to track them, and rigorously optimize them in an ongoing fashion
  • Improve micro and macro aspects of our product
  • Clearly articulate faults/flaws in our current product and infrastructure and be able to improve their UX, product flows, and experience
  • A/B test and improve based upon results
  • Google
  • jump into a meeting the CTO can't take
  • tell Deregs why his latest front end feature is crap and how you would improve it... but don't just tell him, submit the PR
  • work with react native
  • talk to users
  • ideate as fast as our team does
  • interpret user stories
  • set goals and hold others accountable
  • balance ideation and potential opportunities with our existing roadmap, capital requirements, and impact potential
  • tell the CEO/CTO to fuck off when his head is in the clouds
  • tell others on the team when they fuck up and how to improve (in a constructive way)
  • manage remote teams and work with employees and contractors
  • own the tech

Must be:

  • a Bitcoiner
  • a proven technical leader with 3+ yrs of experience at a SaaS/Fintech/Bitcoin Company
  • Ready to work your ass off for the next 5-10 years to build something that truly matters and earn equity in a company that will change the world and one day give you the option to leave everything else behind.

Honestly, you should already know us and what we're doing, who we are, and what we've built. We're a very small team, but have been getting major adoption and are moving towards a full stack banking and bitcoin exchange tool, so there's tons of opportunity to be a top 5 employee at a growing bitcoin-only startup.

You should be open to join on a 3 month trial period, be open to moving to Austin, TX, and garnering other responsibilities as you grow.

You'll probably be a little underpaid, like the rest of the team, until we raise our next round. You're probably overqualified. But you have the chance to join something great as one of the earliest employees. If that rings with you, you should apply.

Sorry if this posting was untraditional and caught you off guard. If you can't get comfortable with that then you aren't gonna make it with us. If you liked it, and you fit the bill, then you should definitely apply. We could do something great.

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