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Nov 10

Job Title: Fund Manager/COO

Who You Are: You are a proactive and organized person that will do whatever it takes to succeed. You are passionate about Bitcoin and have made the (wise) decision to align your work with the Bitcoin space. You have experience in the financial industry and have a desire to continue working in the financial industry. You want a level of independence but also a greater mission and the ability to scale and earn a lucrative income. You are willing to work through the early stages of a startup for long-term payoff.

The Opportunity: You will help take Gaiter Capital to the highest of heights. You will be given the chance to construct and grow an investment fund centered around a Bitcoin future. You will have the opportunity to pilot what will be a leader in the Bitcoin community and one of the biggest investment funds in the world.

Who We Are: Gaiter Capital is an investment fund for the New Renaissance on a Bitcoin standard. We are a company that is rooted in the principles of a low-time preference. We are a company that believes in the profound importance of the separation of money and state and the Bitcoin monetary singularity. We believe in the ideals of a decentralized, immutable, uncensorable, finite, and digital monetary system entrenched in code and secured by cryptographic and mathematical verifiability. We are a company with visions of a New Renaissance built on the back of worldwide Bitcoin adoption. We are a fund investing in bitcoin the asset, and at this stage, new private governance platforms and economic zones fostering the global Bitcoin economy and free market.

What You’ll Do: 

  • Collaborate to build out, launch, market, and grow the investment fund.
  • Source and develop relationships with fund administrators, legal teams, and other service providers.
  • Construct and organize the fund's data room.
  • Network within the Fund Launch group and the larger Bitcoin/investment community.
  • Learn and apply the skills and processes required to successfully run a fund.
  • Lead the fund manager role (financial responsibility, compliance, auditing, accounting, legal, etc).
  • Assist with capital raising and investment/business strategy.

Must-Haves in a Candidate:

  • Understanding of the once-in-a-species significance of Bitcoin
  • Willing to promote Bitcoin and the fund on social media channels
  • Able to bear the muddy water that comes with starting a company
  • Highly-responsive and effective communicator
  • Humility. A willingness to learn, grow, adapt, and improvise
  • Smarts and grit. Desire and ability to do the little things right consistently over time
  • Not afraid to tell it like it is
  • Hungry to put in the hours necessary to succeed
  • Experience in the financial industry (PE, VC, or Hedge Fund experience ideal) (CFA or RIA license preferred)
  • Organized, disciplined, and dependable
  • Inspired by Gaiter Capital’s mission and the potential of the future


  • Work from anywhere
  • Not a fixed-time job. This is a “we have work to get done, we’re getting it done” endeavor. This entails flexibility. Workload will some days be light, some days heavier. Standard of availability to discuss business matters most hours of the day.
  • Equity-based pay

How to Know This Opportunity Is for You:

  • If you want to wake up in the morning and create, pitch, and grow an investment company centered around Bitcoin and the world it unlocks, this opportunity for you.
  • If you want to step into the arena and build a startup, this opportunity is for you.
  • If you want to talk about Bitcoin, work with Bitcoin, learn about Bitcoin, and be about Bitcoin, this opportunity is for you. 

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Gaiter Capital

A private fund investing in the New Renaissance on a Bitcoin standard.