Social Media & Community Manager


Austin, TX, USA

Full Time

$65-85k (annually)

Nov 10

This job is no longer accepting applications.

Read every bit of this… twice. Trust us. 

As a Community Manager, Content Strategist & Chief of Memetic Arts at Zion you will:

  • Support the CMO & CEO of Bitcoin related company here in Austin TX
  • Be earning a Competitive Wage of $65-85k minimum
  • Interact with people on the old internet about an application that enables people to interact on the new internet built on Bitcoin & Lightning. 
  • Meme the Zion brand into existence, creating and curating only the dankest of memes
  • Engage in tasteful shitposting on shitcoiners 
  • Be the community’s chief advocate in product 
  • Manage and moderate Zion community on Telegram, Twitter, and other channels
  • Have a hard time telling your family what you do for a living
  • Make things fun

The “Real” Responsibilities entail:

1. Content Ideation: Generating and maintaining a large and ongoing list of content ideas by researching both Zion’s own history, mission and vision as well as the current industry statistics, memes, trends and important dates and events.

2. Content Generation: Taking that large list of ideas and choosing which ones to design and publish, based on current trends, feedback from the team and past performance. Then building out those pieces of core content to be designed and published.

3. Content Design: Taking the completed content and designing it to be contextually appropriate for different social channels. (Tweets, memes, IG posts and Reels, etc.)

4. Content Publishing: Publishing the designed content to Zion’s social channels.

5. Community Engagement: Managing the community, including responding to comments and DMs. Including the Telegram group we have to engage users. Always be scouting the community for possible content partnerships, and collaboration opportunities with experts and influencers.

6. Content Measurement: Measuring the performance of the content against stated KPIs. Build a content performance dashboard so the whole team can see how our content is performing and make adjustments that feed back into the strategy.

You may be a fit for this role:


But really…. Some requirements here: 

  • Believes in freedom
  • Has a high level of knowledge within content creation
  • Has a high level of knowledge in the current trends of social media marketing
  • Has a high level understanding about Bitcoin or is willing to learn
  • Happy with life and wants to grow with a start up company
  • Highly organized
  • Project Management knowledge
  • Great at Problem Solving

Not required, but a bonus if you:

  • Have gone viral (once you're lucky…twice you're good)
  • Have built communities before
  • Participated in open source development
  • Have a genuine interest in Bitcoin, Lightning, Web3, Blockchain, Freedom and Cryptocurrency technologies

Results You Will Be Looking For

  • You will know you’re kicking ass at this bc you’ll get a ton of feedback from the community that you are awesome
  • Metrics and engagement are increasing and more people are joining the actual platform
  • The trust increases with the team and they begin to unlock more things to help grow the company

Who We Are

Zion is the trusted, ethical alternative to the current social media channels that exploit our content and violate our trust. With Zion, technology companies are completely eliminated and users interact in a secure, censorship-resistant, private utility that facilitates free and open flow of content and payments between users and their audiences. There is no way to manipulate how users experience the network and absolutely no data is collected, ever. 

Zion is the world’s first decentralized #desom social network built on bitcoin. Founded in 2020, Zion is the next generation of social media that facilitates the free and open flow of content and payments between creative people and their audiences. Free of censorship, Zion is a network for creative people to pursue what they love, and share their passion with the world. Zion makes a better world with trusted social media.

PLEASE do your research on us prior to applying. Anyone who is considered for this role will be contacted by Ashley Sumida, our hiring agency manager (Pepper's Academy).

Twitter: @get_zion

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