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Aug 26

Are you looking to contribute to the Bitcoin sphere and can't wait to spread the message? At Bitcoin News we're spreading the good news all day and night: Bitcoin has already won!


Join the Bitcoin News team and make a difference. We share a passion to advance hyperbitcoinization with content that touches and inspires the heart and mind of no-coiners.

If you're a talented graphic designer, webdesigner or UI designer and feel the urge to help Bitcoin succeed, here is your opportunity. Add some spice to your life and find meaning in what you do. If you can't leave your fiat mining job but need a 'reason for being' (ikigai) - or if you are seeking to build a track record and find a way into the bitcoin industry, then this is your call.

We're currently looking for a talented UI designer to join our team and work on pushing the Bitcoin News platform to the next level.Β A minimum of 5h per week is ideal to meaningfully contribute.

Please attach your linkedin and twitter profile and share your preferred weekly hours you'd like to contribute.

Please accept our apologies if we don't get back to you. If you're extremely interested you can also join our community group on Telegram, you find the link on our website.

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